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|Picture = Agent-Hugo-Lemoon-Twist-PS2.jpg
|Picture = <tabber>PlayStation 2=[[File:Agent-Hugo-Lemoon-Twist-PS2.jpg|330px]]|-|Microsoft Windows=[[File:Agent-Hugo-Lemoon-Twist-PC.jpg|330px]]|-|Nintendo Wii=[[File:Agent-Hugo-Lemoon-Twist-Wii.jpg|330px]]</tabber>
|Quote = "''This message will self-destruct in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... '''(BOOM!)'''''"
|Quote = "''This message will self-destruct in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... '''(BOOM!)'''''"
|Protagonist = Agent Hugo
|Protagonist = Agent Hugo

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Agent Hugo: Lemoon Twist
"This message will self-destruct in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... (BOOM!)"
Protagonist: Agent Hugo
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: PlayStation 2
DE: January 29, 2007
EU: November 5, 2007

Microsoft Windows
EU: November 5, 2007
DE: January 29, 2008

Nintendo Wii
EU: May 23, 2008
DE: May 27, 2008
Developer: Beyond Reality Games
Coyote Console
Publisher: ITE Media (PS2)
NDS Denmark (PC/Wii)
Franchise: Agent Hugo
Previous Game: Agent Hugo: RoboRumble
Next Game: Agent Hugo: Hula Holiday

Agent Hugo: Lemoon Twist is a 2007 action-platforming video game co-developed by Beyond Reality Games and Coyote Console, and published by ITE Media (on Wii and Windows versions by ITE's successor, NDS Denmark) for the Template:Awesome, Template:Awesome, and Microsoft Windows only in Europe. It is the third instalment of Agent Hugo, the Hugo reboot series.


Dr. Hypno has embarked on his nefarious plan to take over the world. He has built a hypno satellite that he intends to launch into space from a fortress on a secret island, guarded by his mad hypnotized subordinates. Hugo has to face time and defeat Doctor Hypno.

Why It Sucks

  1. The gameplay is pure theft display. The gameplay is very similar to Template:Awesome, offering a similar level design, combat system, catching a fruit, and even transformations. Which leads to plagiarism and zero respect for the Hugo series.
    • Returning to copying, this game uses the same bomb texture (not including nitro) as M&M's The Lost Formulas, which was released eight year earlier than this game.
    • Even the title of the game suggests that the game will not shine with originality.
  2. The controls are an absolute torment. On the one hand, controlling Agent Hugo in the case of steering, when he has two transformations related to the shoes or none at all, can be bearable, but on the other hand, the helicopter and the rollerball leaves much to be desired.
    • The helicopter and rollerball move slowly, react extremely poorly to turns, which makes it difficult, for example, to avoid bombs, which are necessary to touch in some missions.
    • Returning to control as Agent Hugo in the standard way, and not only that, when a troll attacks, he cannot be controlled by you in a while. In the worst case, if this happened close to the abyss, you have a chance to fall.
  3. The plot, as is often the case in budget games, is generic. It can be briefly said that the typical antagonist has a boring day, and just on a whim he wants to take over the world by means of a hypno satellite.
  4. The main menu of the game is an embarrassment show that even games released on Template:Awesome offer better ones.
    • As for the number of options, it only offers "New game" and "Continue game". In the case of the PC version, it offers the "Exit" option, as usual, also like in the console versions, there are no additional options.
    • However, the appearance of the menu itself is also worth mentioning. It looks like from the times of the first Template:Awesome, i.e. no animations, except the rotating well-known symbol of the Agent Hugo series, and a completely devoid of creativity main menu's design.
  5. Bad voice acting, especially Spanish, Russian, and English ones.
    • In Spanish, they sound like bums who live next to Carrefour in a garbage can.
    • In Russian, they sound like they are drunk, having the large party, and dancing to hardbass at the same time.
    • And in English, they sound like it was being recorded by a small group of students in the basement who are more interested in watching the paint dry than doing the voice acting.
  6. The graphics of this immortal game are a real relic from the past, which could even reign in its ugliness in the early 2000s. It's worth mentioning that the game looks worse than the previous Agent Hugo games, which look good for their time. The textures are of skunk vomit quality. The character models look like dolls cut from the plywood curve. Natural objects are more like cheap quality board game toys. The water looks like liquid jelly and the lava is more like tomato sauce with lots of pepper. And the characters consistently express the same facial expressions, no matter what action you are doing.
  7. Terrible and painfully stiff animations, just like in other games by the same developer. Particularly noteworthy are the animations of the opponents, which were not created in any way during motion capture. It looks more as if it was done by an amateur using Blender or Source Filmmaker, with a budget of five packs of crisps.
  8. Unimaginable embarrassing sound effects, as in many games from the developers behind the later released action-platforming game, Mr. Bean. Hugo's double jump sound sounds like a parachute launch. Collecting a given object, such as lemons, batteries, and launching a given transformation, resembles the average sounds of extremely inept educational games. The sounds during the menu are reminiscent of old cartoons.
  9. Quite bland, generic, and uninspiring soundtrack. Most of the songs put the player to sleep, instead of strengthening and arousing emotions with atmospheric music.
  10. The game is locked to 30FPS, even on Windows version. Especially since you are dealing with a platformer that reigns in an unimaginably outdated presentation, which is unacceptable. The main problem for which this is happening is that the game was fully developed for consoles and later extremely lazily ported to PC.
  11. Terrible camera, easily comparable to Data Design Interactive games. The camera cannot be changed in any way, in the sense of turning the analog stick or the mouse (depending on hardware), you only have to frequently click the button that you control with the main character on the side you want to reach.
  12. The transformation associated with metal shoes is too powerful which makes the game extremely easy, but also boring.
  13. The boss is an absolute disappointment. Firstly, there is only one boss in the entire game, not even one of them after beating a given chapter. Second, Dr. Hypno is absolutely easy to beat. First you appear in a maze that is filled with obstacles. Then when you exit the maze, you have a transformation with sneakers that supports speed. Finally, when the boss appears near you, you have to hit the plate that slides out from under the main antagonist's spaceship.
  14. The game as it is linear, it is filled with invisible walls, which is most noticeable when launching a given mission, rather than having the back terrain obscured by mountains or other natural objects. This is also noticeable in some missions where the side terrain is slightly obscured by wood, where you can't even pass in front of it.
  15. The game may not be a festival of bugs and glitches, there are times when the game has slight collision problems, where opponents can penetrate the wall, especially when you beat an opponent close to the wall, and penetrate parts of Agent Hugo's body during close contact with the wall.
  16. Square and rectangular platforms are too fast. Sometimes you can fall easily, for example into acid in a factory, and an abyss in the case of jungle.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. By the standards of budget platformers, the game is not short. It has a total of nineteen levels (including the boss) that you will complete even longer than ten minutes.
  2. In the game, you can change the costumes, when if you catch all the lemons in one of the chapters, which is a nice thing.
  3. In Agent Hugo's main base, there are four rooms that are designed to be training rooms where you practice mastering the four transformations.
  4. The cutscenes, by the standards of budget games, originally designed for the PlayStation 2, look pretty good. Additionally, they can be funny, like the situation with the self-destruction of the object.
  5. The level design is quite a positive surprise, despite being still a calque of Crash Twinsanity. The game offers levels with a beach, jungle, ruins, desert, snowy mountains, and a factory.


Lemoon Twist was poorly received by both critics and users alike. On GameFAQs, the PlayStation 2 version holds a score of 2.17/5 based on 13 users, and the Wii version received a 2.7/10 based on 10 users.[1][2]

French website Jeuxvideo gave the game a 7/20 (3.5/10 in ten points scale), criticising the graphics, gameplay, the game lenght, story, and more. In conclusion, they said "We can only pay one compliment to Agent Hugo Lemoon Twist: It's remarkably faithful to the original TV show. This game is a UFO straight out of the days when we did not yet master the intricacies of a 3D game: the cameras show you everything except what you want to see, the jumps become incredibly complicated because it is impossible to estimate the distances ... It only remains to hope that this opus of Hugo's adventures will be the last."[3]

The average user rating on Template:Rotten is 4.8/10 in total.[4]

British YouTuber Pixel Pursuit, which is known for reviewing every Hugo home console game, gave the game a 4/10, saying that Lemoon Twist is the best Hugo game, but still being underwhelming.[5]





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