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AIDSmoji: The Forbidden Fruit

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AIDSmoji: The Forbidden Fruit
Where did your "improvement" go to, BMC Studios?
Genre(s): FMV
Platform(s): Steam
Release: February 13, 2018
Developer(s): BMC Studio
Publisher(s): BMC Studio
Series: AIDSmoji
Predecessor: N/A

AIDSmoji: The Forbidden Fruit is a 2018 FMV "game" developed by BMC Studio. It was released on Steam in early 2018.

Why It's Forbidden AIDS

  1. Like BMC's other games, it's just a bunch of crappy homemade videos, that they should just put on YouTube instead of Steam.
  2. Unlike other BMC games, there's no story whatsoever. The entire game is just one gigantic Non Sequitur Scene after another about teenagers playing and eating Lucky Charms for a whole few minutes then suddenly one of the teenagers loses their memory for no reason, and then they all die. Yes, this is the story, no joke. Even other BMC games had a story, they were terrible, but they made sense, unlike this game!
  3. This game has even way less gameplay than their other games, like many of their games, the gameplay is point-and-click styled, but here there are only 2 or 3 times where you get to click on something.
  4. Choices don't even matter much in the game, it'll bring a different cutscene, but will lead to the same results; either you move on, or the game ends.
    • Speaking of choices, some of them make no sense, like forcing someone to play the kazoo or counter a dab with your own dab.
  5. Too many unnecessary slow-motion cutscenes, It's as if the teens just discovered the slow motion feature on Windows Movie Maker.
  6. The camera work is somehow even lazier than the typical BMC videos, you can barely see the teenagers because most of the time the camera is pointing at a window which causes glare.
  7. Like all BMC's games, it relies entirely on unfunny and forced memes (though at least this time they used memes that was more recent for their time, like the Ugandan Knuckles's “Do you know da wae?” meme).
  8. The teenagers in the video keep swearing and making sexual references for no reason other than to not only be edgy but also attract kids to watch their videos, similar to what the Paul Brothers do. It's basically Teen Titans Go!, but with swearing.
    • BMC admitted that they're trying to be like the Paul Brothers. Think about it: BMC Studios are trying to be the Paul Brothers, both who had caused plenty of drama, swear like sailors, and get caught under fire with controversy.
  9. The acting gets even worse than before, a downgrade from their previous games where they improved their acting in Kimulator 2.
  10. The game was so rushed that they forgot to add an option to leave the game! You can only exit with Alt + F4.
  11. There's a bonus option in the game, but it's just someone advertising BMC studio's merchandise. How they now got merch is anyone's guess!
  12. They mock AIDS like it was a meme, which is incredibly offensive and insulting, even more than their previous mockings of 9/11 and the Holocaust.


The game has been considered by many to be BMC's worst game so far.



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